Perc Up! Mission Statement, Goals and Vision    

     The overall purpose of Perc Up! is to promote percussion music education; provide a forum to prominently display creative talent through percussion performance opportunities at the College, High School, Middle School, and Independent level that nurtures self-confidence and self-esteem; to improve area percussion activities to more advanced levels of awareness and achievement; and to promote artistic expression for both personal fulfillment and inspiration.  With these as our ideals, we will promote and support music programs or events that will…

  • Encourage music educators, leaders, band directors, and staffs to develop creative and critical thinking skills when planning their band’s or music program’s performance, through helpful feedback or critique; and to strengthen or provide the professional guidance needed to improve teacher-student skills.
  • Help students develop self confidence through strong work ethics; encourage people to strive for worthwhile accomplishments and successful leadership habits which they maintain throughout life.
  • Aid students and teachers in understanding the true meaning of competition and its rewards, through instruction on the mechanics of success principles.
  • Help sponsor percussion events, clinics, workshops, and educational opportunities.
  • Unite vendors, drumlines, organizations and arts patrons to develop mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Help less fortunate schools and percussion groups find instrumentation, instruction, and inspiration to help build sustainable music programs.
  • Provide an online presence using available technology to advocate music education.


Objectives and Services:

The Perc Up Percussion Clinics will seek to bring top quality musical instruction to area students while giving band directors help in maintaining proper marching percussion techniques, rehearsal continuity, and performance standards.  The clinic sessions will enable students and band directors to learn teamwork, leadership, percussion technique, goal setting, musicality and showmanship.  The clinics will bring area high schools together for brainstorming, camaraderie and fellowship.

 Arts Objectives:  

Students and band directors attend clinics and master classes designed to help them improve percussion performance skills.  Class instructors provide feedback throughout the series of clinic sessions and scheduled observation in workshops.  Students hear from well-known guest lecturers and artists who will expose students to new and exciting areas of percussion music, while advancing performance, leadership, and teaching skills.  The clinic can be effective in helping directors and students start good practice habits to improve their bands.

Non-arts Objectives:

The arts often receive support because of their effectiveness in enabling students to improve work habits, to increase self-discipline, and to take pride in themselves and their team members. Students learn that no joint creative effort can be better than its weakest member and that cooperation and compromise are necessary. Students take risks in challenging others.  They learn to accept healthy competition and occasional losses, to sacrifice time and energy on behalf of the group, to gain strategies for learning, and to use these skills and knowledge out of school as well as in core classes. These are what are known as instrumental (or “non-arts”) objectives.


  • To inspire growth of the art and sport of percussion and music education.
  • To support the arts and the development of practical life and work place skills in young people.
  • To supply scholarships to young percussionists.
  • To give private lesson scholarships to middle school and high school students.
  • To create public awareness of the benefits of music education to society and the work place.
  • To generate public awareness of percussion as a valuable and exciting entertainment genre for the entire family.

You can support Perc Up! too!  How?

There are several ways to serve. We need qualified instructors and artists to donate time for online chats, online forum input, percussion clinics, and events. We need sponsors and donations to fund events, forums, scholarships, etc…

* In summary, Perc Up is designed to make a positive impact on young people, for overall improvement and citizenship.


     We are grateful for all of the amazing support and countless hours of behind the scenes help from our volunteers, sponsors, and patrons.  Thank you for supporting Perc Up! and the arts!  You are making a difference in the lives of many students!